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Tandem BASE history

The very first tandem base occurred in 1984 when ted strong (legendary parachute designer) jumped from the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia USA, 260 m high, and landed with a very enthusiastic Robin Heid as passenger.

After that, many tandem base jumps had been performed around the world, but we can say that this complex activity reached a significative improvement in 2009. During those years Mark Kissner and Marshal began the development of a custom made equipment designed to perform tandem base. Coupled with the precious experience of Sean Chuma, these jumps stated with a regular basis.
All this was conceived in the Snake river Valley in Idaho USA, where you can find one of the most popular base destination which is also one of the few legal places for base jumpers.
Since 2010 Sean Chuma offers  the opportunity to experience a tandem base jump to tourists traveling to Perrine. In the last 5 years Sean Chuma can count 400 tandem base jumps, some of them absolutely extraordinary: he jumped out the Perrine bridge a 102 years old lady (Dorothy Custer) and he performed the first jump attached to a quadriplegic guy( Pete Bosner).
Sean Chuma is definitely a pioneer in this discipline and he is considered the most experienced in this jumping technique.
The unbelievable experience of jumping from a cliff is now available in Europe thanks to the cooperation between Sean Chuma and Maurizio Di Palma.