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What is B.A.S.E Jump

BASE jumping was invented in the USA in the early 80s when a group of professional skydivers began to jump from rocky cliffs of the Yosemite Park California, with custom designed parachutes.
Carl Boenish is considered the father of this discipline and he was one of the first who filmed base jumpers using a camera positioned on his helmets.
Carl, his wife Jean and other friends Phil Smith and Phil Mayfield, coined the word BASE just after jumping off a skyscraper in Texas in 1981.
B.A.S.E. is an acronym standing for four categories of objects from which a baser can jump: Building, Antenna, Span, Earth.
Once  jumped the 4 objects you are qualified to get your BASE number. This is a consecutive number given to those who “completes the word” jumping off the four categories.
Nowadays the number of jumpers is roughly 2000 but it is not definite.  Due to the contribution given by the use of wingsuit, the number of base jumpers is increasing: this suit allows the jumper to fly a longer time and to cover a longer distance. One of the most popular technique perfomed with the help of the wingsuit is proximity flying, which is flying close to the faces and ridges of mountains.
BASE jumping is considered more dangerous than skydiving and it is regarded as an extreme sport, that is why it is prohibited in many places. it is not specifically regulated by law and rules change from place to place. Overall we can say that this discipline is not legally recognized .
Equipment quality has significantly improved  during the years, and parachutes are nowadays much safer than only 10 years ago.