Tandem base is a brand new experience, an extraordinary opportunity to live a genuine BASE JUMP.   You will feel the same thrill of a base jumper before and after leaving the ground at the exit point.Exactly as a base jumper you will jump from a fixed structure. (building, antenna, span, earth) In order attend this amazing experience you will be trained for every single stage : approaching, exit positioning,   jumping, landing.You will be connected to a custom designed harness attached to your tandem pilot who will guides you though the whole jump from exit ,then base jumping, canopy piloting and soft landing.


Tandem Base and base jumping is performed from a fixed structure or cliff. Due to technical and safety reasons Tandem jumping requires the highest standard in choosing the right exit from which you can jump.

Currently you can experience your tandem base from only 2 places in the world:

Monte Brento

Well known and popular to international BASE jumpers, Monte Brento is a natural and perfect place to experience a base jump as his morphology allows this discipline to be easily performed.

The experience starts with a 30 minutes walk through an amazing wood path. Approaching the exit point you will have a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains, Sarca river valley and the Garda lake. Exit point is based at 1200 meters from the landing area. A custom made platform is positioned next to the becco dell’aquila (eagle beak) to have a comfortable potion and be ready to jump. Landing is expected to be nice and easy as the designated area is flat and soft.

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